Hall of Mirrors is an exhibition created for PLOP by invited independent curator, Georgia Stephenson, who draws on the residency as a site for self-reflection, distortion, refraction and fragmentation. The title references Versailles’ “Hall of Mirrors”, as an example of the historic use of mirror or lens as a tool for power. Works on display range from pools for gazing or fleeting glances across a crowd, unlikely doppelgangers and carbon copies, parodies of group behaviour or private moments of split-self. 

14-29 October
472 Hackney Road, E2 9EQ

Hall of Mirrors –
Independently curated for PLOP. 

Elli Antoniou, Kavitha Balasingham, Luke Burton, Billie Clarken, Noel Clueit, Robert Cooper, Candice Dehnavi, Jack Evans, Anna Gonzalez Noguchi, Harry Grundy, Alia Hamaoui, Leah Hickey, Laura Kazaroff, Sophie Lloyd, Gitte Maria Moller, Veerle Melis, Esther Merinero, Fern O'Carolan, Claire Orme, Eleni Papazoglou, Zayn Qahtani, Ruaidhri Ryan, Lara Smithson, Kialy Tihngang.