Home & Away (06.08.16)
The Art Space, Glasgow

Home and Away is a group exhibition featuring four artists whose practices are brought together through their adulation for the everyday. The work focuses on the plasticity of daily goods and unnoticed oddities of the banal. Nuanced observations of spatiality and texture give fleeting doses of nostalgia in an otherwise distorted reality. Everything is real and touchable. But it does not exist.

Left to right: Jack Evans, Helena De Pulford, Alice Chandler.

Left to right: Alice Chandler, Sonia Hufton.

Alice Chandler, His and Hers.

Alice Chandler, Three Piece Suite.

Jack Evans, Palm 458.

Sonia Hufton, Why don’t you start by writing a list.

Helena De Pulford, Billy Bear and Meal at 48 Lothair Road.