PC4PC (02.12.17)198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, Herne Hill

PC4PC is a group exhibition that explores the idea of display on screen, window and surface. Artworks brought together in the show address the viewer’s gaze; confronting, absorbing, or reflecting it.

Left to right: Jack Evans, Helena De Pulford.

Jack Evans, Pontifex Maximus.

Helena De Pulford, Untitled (birthday).

Sophie Vallance Cantor, Paint Sucker.

Sophie Vallance Cantor, I Bled In Your Calvins.

Joe Moss, In no new house a radio.

Oona Wilkinson, Big White Plastic Bag.

Left to right: Oona Wilkinson, Megan Visser.

Megan Visser, Reflex. 

Oona Wilkinson, Untitled.

Left to right: Sophie Vallance Cantor, Helena De Pulford, Oona Wilkinson.

Helena De Pulford, Theresa 4. Oona Wilkinson, Untitled.

Sophie Vallance Cantor, Herus Heri.