In response to the theme of Peripheries, for Art Licks Weekend 2018, Postage and packaging paid for is a travelling exhibit in which the works come to the audience in various public spaces across the capital.
Video works and corresponding sculptural pieces are projected and placed from the boot of a 2000 plate red VW polo; W576 DGC.

Postage and packaging paid for          
Jack Evans, Joe Moss, Megan Visser, Rebecca Thomson, Rosie Abbey and IndustrialMax Building Supplies at SE14, NW8 and E2
independently curated for Art Licks Weekend 2018.

Thursday 4th October; 7–8pm
Juno Café, Surrey Canal Road, SE14 5RP with ‘The Runner’ by Joe Moss and ‘Blowie’ by Jack Evans

Friday 5th October; 1-2pm at Lower ground, Alexandra Estate, Rowley Way, NW8 0SF with ‘Deep Breath’ by Megan Visser and ‘Mmm... Delightful’ and ‘How are you feeling?’ by Rebecca Thomson

Friday 5th October; 7-8pm at 237 Hackney Road, London E2 8NA with ‘This commercial break was brought to you by IndustrialMax Building Supplies’ by IMBS and ‘Marketing Ploys’ by Rosie Abbey