Glass has had, and continues to have, an incredible effect and impact on the human experience – in relation to the consumption of culture, creation of opinion and as a means to gain a sense of the wider world. For me, this feels especially relevant to the way in which artists engage with the Ladies Drawing Clüb platform (the glass of a screen) and submit their artworks (captured through the lens of a camera).

This past year it has often been the glass of a window, or the glass of a screen, allowing us to connect to each other across borders, and share ideas – a vital tool for our means of distraction, escape and storytelling. I am interested in glass as a portal, as a distorter, as protection and as a lifeline and this is the basis of thinking for my project with Ladies Drawing Clüb.

From the position of an artist, I understand that they see themselves and their work more on screen than ever before in history. In this Call for Art, I am inviting them to control the narrative of their work.

For Call for Art #10, I am inviting sculptors and installation artists to submit a film trailer (no longer than 30 seconds) for one specific piece. The exhibition will be a presentation of short films, ‘Screening Sculptures’, with each of them representing a different artist’s work.

Screening Sculptures          
Online Exhibition with Ladies Drawing Clüb, guest-curated.

Open Call Deadline:
1 June 2021

Exhibition Announced:
14 June 2021

More info here.