The Floor is Lava (07.07.18)
Subsidiary Projects, London

Subsidiary Projects is proud to present The Floor is Lava, a group exhibition which interrogates the homes and habitats of Bonnington Square. Curated by Georgia Stephenson and Natalia Gonzalez Martin, the exhibition offers a discourse around temporary constructions similar to the ones generated in the squatted areas of Vauxhall in the 1980’s.

The three participating artists, Helena de Pulford, Jack Evans and Oona Wilkinson, will work collaboratively on a sculpture installation which explores the limits between the public and the private. The venue, Subsidiary Projects, is an artist-led project/domestic space focused on showcasing emerging artists.

Featured in FRIEZE.

Helena de Pulford, No Thomas! 

Oona Wilkinson, Water Wheels I-V.

Helena de Pulford, Rods.

Jack Evans, EXITVS.