Unbound Surplus Aggregate (06.03.19)
#1 Enclave, London

Unbound Surplus Aggregate is an exhibition construct, proposed by curator Georgia Stephenson and artist Oona Wilkinson, seeking to assess the personal and collective self, creating space to explore their respective possibilities. Through a selection of works the artists look to reimagine and propose an alternative landscape for modes of being. 

Artists Tulani Hlalo, Alicia Jalloul, Isobel Neviazsky and Oona Wilkinson presented all new works, alongside an exhibition text by Charlie Siddick.

Tulani Hlalo, Salon Freestyle.

Oona Wilkinson, Conflex Flex, Auto Renewal and KELP! 

Alicia Jalloul, It Beats As It Sweeps As It Cleans.

Isobel Neviazsky, The Ghost of a Flea (Version 1) (After Blake).